intermediate workshop

University Ca' Foscari Venezia. 22 October, 2021.
Aula Magna Campus San Giobbe, Department of Economics. [directions]
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This intermediate workshop aims at presenting some initial scientific outputs of the project and provides an opportunity to discuss three macro themes (Covid-19, mortality, morbidity) from an interdisciplinary perspective, which embraces demography, social science, epidemiology and data analysis.

How to attend. The meeting will be delivered in presence, and registration at this form is compulsory. Please note that access to the university rooms requires a valid COVID-19 green certificate.

[9:00 - 10:45] Mortality
Time Details
[9:00-9:25] Daniele Durante, Federico Pavone, Sirio Legramanti. Bayesian learning and forecasting of age-specific period mortality via locally adaptive spline processes
[9:25-9:50] Micheletti, Stefanucci, Mazzuco. The association between containment measures implemented by countries across the world
and excess mortality linked to Covid-19: a study based on functional data analysis
Keynote [9:50-10:30] Stefano Mazzuco. What is Premature Mortality? Trying to reconcile two views
Floor Discussion [10:30-10:45]
Coffee break
[11:15-13:00] Covid-19
Time Details
[11:15-11:40] Alessia Melegaro. The role of demographic structure and social contact patterns in an uncontrolled SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
[11:40-12:05] Emanuele Aliverti. Dynamic modeling of psychological traits during the Covid-19 pandemic
Keynote [12:05-12:45] Alessio Farcomeni. Generalised non-linear mixed models for COVID-19 incidence
Floor Discussion [12:45-13:45]
Lunch break
[14:30-16:15] Morbidity
Time Details
[14:30-14:55] Pastore, Tonellato, Aliverti, Campostrini. When does morbidity start? First estimates from the Italian PASSI surveillance system
[14:55-15:20] Airoldi, Faggiano. Preliminary thoughts and first data on the trend of chronicity in Italy.
Keynote [15:20-16:00] Lorenzo Monasta. Burden of diseases measurement in Italy
Floor Discussion [16:00-16:15]

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