final workshop

University Ca'Foscari, Venezia. 13-14 July, 2023. San Servolo Island [directions]
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This final workshop aims at presenting the final scientific outputs of the project and provides an opportunity to discuss four macro themes (mortality, policies for chronic diseases and prevention, models and morbidity) from an interdisciplinary perspective, which embraces demography, social science, epidemiology and statistics.

How to attend. The meeting will be delivered in presence, and registration at this form is compulsory (deadline: 23 June 2023). No registration fee is required. Travel and accomodation expenses shall be paid by the participant.

July 13
[14:45 - 15:00] Introduction
[15:00 - 16:30] Mortality
Time Details
[15:00-15:15] Emanuele Aliverti e Bruno Scarpa. Bayesian modeling of mortality networks
[15:15-15:30] Marco Stefanucci. Analyzing the time-varying effect of causes of death on human longevity with a functional compositional concurrent regression model
[15:30-15:45] Matteo Gasparin. Evaluating the influence of environmental factors on Upper Airways diseases through Mediation Analysis for a binary outcome
[15:45-16:00] Piero Manfredi. Thoughts about COVID-19 and pandemic control
Discussant and floor discussion [16:00-16:30] Li Liu
Coffee break
[17:00-18:30] Policies for chronic diseases and prevention
Time Details
[17:00-17:15] Chiara Airoldi. Definition and estimation of chronicity in an ASL in northern Italy
[17.15-17.30] Fabrizio Faggiano. Prevention and management of chronicity for the sustainability of welfare
[17.30-17.45] Silvia Caristia. Aligning policies and strategies on healthy aging, on frailty and integrated care
[17:45-18.00] Michele Bertani e Michele Marzulli. Policies for the elderly in Italy
Discussant and floor discussion [18.00-18.30] Laura Formenti
Welcome reception and buffet dinner
July 14
[9:00-10:30] Models
Time Details
[9:00-9:15] Federico Pavone. Learning and forecasting of age-specific period mortality via B-spline processes with locally-adaptive dynamic coefficients
[9:15-9.30] Sirio Legramanti. The cumulative shrinkage process.
[9.30-9:45] Raffaella Piccarreta. Comparing models for sequence data: prediction and dissimilarities.
[9.45-10:00] Fabrizia Mealli. Estimand strategies for time-to-event outcomes with intercurrent events.
Discussant and floor discussion [10:00-10:30] Omiros Papaspiliopoulos
Coffe break
[11:00-12:30] Morbidity
Time Details
[11:00-11:15] Andrea Pastore. Regional inequalities in Italy for some chronic diseases: some preliminary results.
[11:15-11:30] Angela Andreella. A novel index of comorbidity.
[11:30-11:45] Lorenzo Schiavon e Mattia Stival. A multivariate pseudo-panel approach to study spatio-temporal heterogeneity in comorbidity determinants in Italy.
[11:45-12:00] Gaia Bertarelli. Mapping disability at small area level in Italy in an official statistics framework.
Discussant and floor discussion [12:00-12:30] Chiara Seghieri
[12:30-13:30] Final Panel
Time Details
[12:30-13:30] Daniele Vignoli, Stefano Campostrini, Stefano Mazzucco, Daniele Durante, Fabrizio Faggiano. Directions for future research
Light farewell lunch

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